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Print Method: Giclée
Edition: 50
Released: October 2006

There’s something special about an equinox—not only because one falls around my birthday—it seems to be a time of balance. It’s not too cold or too hot out. The days are not too long or too short. It is a time of introspection—a time to take stock of what you have accomplished and what is to follow. In the spring, we evaluate our winter and rejoice in the warming days. In fall, we put away our summer clothes and anticipate seasons of festivity and celebration.

In my culture, the light of summer allows us to get much of our physical work done for the rest of the year. Likewise, the darkness and the cold of winter open up doors to work in the supernatural realm. This is the time of our winter ceremonials, our potlatch. Equinox marks a transition between these two cultural realities.

What I wanted to portray in this print is the way that light and darkness alter the appearance and feeling of objects. By showing two of our main Comox crests, I also wanted to symbolize that our culture passes in and out of each season and remains intact. I wanted to show that both light and darkness can open up different worlds and ways of seeing. In many cultures we prize this balance, this harmony, this duality of existence. The balance of light and dark, the balance of good and evil, the balance of equal day and equal night. This is Equinox.

“Equinox” is a limited edition print using the giclée method of printmaking. This print was released during October of 2006 and was printed at the artist’s own studio in Comox B.C. A total of 56 prints bear the title “Equinox” and are signed by Andy Everson: 50 in the primary edition bearing the numbers 1/50 through 50/50; 5 Artist’s Proofs; and 1 Printer’s Proof. The acid-free Moab Entrada 100% cotton rag paper measures 17x22 inches. Image size measures about 10.2x20 inches.