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Stillness A/P


Print Method: Giclée
Edition: 10 Artist Proofs
Released: May


Our old people tell us about the constellation in the sky called “Aliwadza’yi”—the harpooner of heaven. In English we know it as Orion. Aliwadza’yi has a harpoon and is always chasing the sea otter Ḵ̓wa̱madza’yi, or Pleiades. Aliwadza’yi also has a huge bentwood box and whenever he chooses to open it up, it pours fog out onto earth’s landscape.

I pass by the K’omoks Estuary all the time. In fact my studio looks directly out onto it. Where the glacier is our crowning jewel, the estuary is the piece that holds the Comox Valley together. It is the basin where salt and fresh water meet; the home to so many creatures of the land, sea and sky. It is integral.

Daily I have the opportunity to witness and marvel over the estuary’s transformation. Where one day the water can mirror the blue skies above, on another it is a tumult of choppy grey. From blue to orange to purple to scarlet, the estuary absorbs and reflects the palette of nature. We often marvel at the beautiful sunrises and sunsets; the summer days and the winter storms.

Sometimes, though, I am taken aback by the days Aliwadza’yi decides to open up his box and blanket the earth. It is in the stillness and the quiet that we become the most reflective. The fog surrounds us and includes us. We become aware that we are literally part of the landscape, not just viewers of it. It is in the stillness that we truly understand our role in the environment.

Proceeds from the sale of these prints goes to Project Watershed and its efforts to preserve and restore the K’omoks Estuary.

“Stillness” is a limited edition print using the giclée method of printmaking. This print was released in May of 2015 and printed by Robert Lundquist in his Comox Valley studio. A total of 125 prints bear the title “Stillness” and are signed and numbered by Andy Everson: 100 in the primary paper edition with image size measuring 12”x20”, 10 canvas prints measuring 16”x26”, 5 canvas prints measuring 24”x40” and 10 Artist’s Proofs with paper size measuring 17”x22”. The A/P’s were printed in the artist’s own studio in Comox, BC.